Dr. Svenja Noichl

Study Program Design

Mail: noichl@informatik.rwth-aachen.de
Phone: +49 241 80 21958

Ahornstraße 55, building E2, room 6301
D-52074 Aachen / Germany

I am responsible for Study Program Design at the Computer Science Study Center.

I am also an Affiliated Researcher at the  Learning Technologies Research Group at RWTH Aachen University

I am in charge of the following responsibilities:

  • Coordination of course planning in RWTHonline and carpe diem!
  • Coordination of exam planning in RWTHonline and carpe diem!
  • Module offer organization
  • Exam Regulations
  • Study Program Design
  • KfL, Studienbeirat
  • School Internships


I offer proseminars, seminars and thesis in the field of Learningtechnologies:

Winter semester 22/23


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