Computer Science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes

Edgar Dijkstra was awarded the Turing Award, the "Nobel Prize in Computer Science", in 1972, so he should know.


Nevertheless, without telescopes, astronomy would possibly still be at a similar level as it was 1000 years ago. They are as important a tool in astronomy and as the computer is in computer science; in this respect Dijkstra was quite right. So to study computer science successfully is about something other than operating a computer.  


More generally, computer science deals with the systematic representation, storage, processing, and transmission of data: a discipline born out of the fields of mathematics and electrical engineering. With the 50th anniversary of computer science in Aachen, we are among the newcomers within the natural sciences and engineering.


The computer science bachelor's degree at RWTH provides a broad basic knowledge of computer science and mathematics in order to acquire methodological competence and qualifications related to professional fields. From the third semester on, an application area in an interdisciplinary subject such as business administration, mathematics, electrical engineering, biology, mechanical engineering, medicine, philosophy, physics, chemistry or psychology is provided.