Modul Manuals and Examination Regulations

An examination regulation (in German "Prüfungsordnung" or short PO) is a legally binding set of rules that defines the framework conditions and requirements for examinations at universities and describes the admission requirements, the types of examinations, the examination procedure and content, the assessment criteria, the withdrawal and repetition regulations and the regulations for the certificate. It is therefore an important basis for the rights and obligations of all those involved in the study program, both teachers and students.

A module manuals summarizes all courses (modules) of a study program, describes the individual modules and provides a structure for the structure of the study program and the examinations. The module handbook is an important basis for one's own study planning and organization: it is advisable to consult the module handbook regularly to ensure that one follows the correct course of study and is informed about current changes in the course offerings, as they are reissued every semester.




The POs and the module manuals for the computer science programs are available in the table. 

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Die RWTH ist zurzeit dabei, die POs ins Englische zu übersetzt; die der Informatik liegen leider noch nicht vor.
Die Modulhandbücher sind in deutscher und englischer Sprache verfügbar.