During the Studies

Student Exchange

Improve language skills, make contacts, get to know other teaching styles and cultures - all this is made possible by a semester abroad. Anyone who might want to spend a semester abroad must start planning early - an application for an exchange place is usually required almost one year in advance.

Further information on opportunities, application procedures and deadlines, as well as the recognition of achievements made abroad can be found here.

Leave of Absence

It is possible to take a leave of absence for one or more semesters during your studies if there is a good reason. Reasons are e.g. illness, committee work or a stay abroad. During a semester of leave, the official semester counter is stopped so that the semester in question does not count towards the duration of studies. Nevertheless, exams can be taken during the semester of leave. Attention, trap: you cannot make the duration of studies looking nice by taking a leave for several semesters and still taking all exams - in case you earn 30 credits in such semesters, you will be upgraded by one semester in the official counter.

More information about leave of absence can be found here.


Especially for students who did not complete their bachelor's degree at RWTH, it is recommended to participate in the mentoring event for the master's degree in computer science. Registration is required for this. Further information is available here.

Computer Science Master Study Advisory

The Student Advisory Service for Computer Science Master provides individual information on technical and organizational questions concerning the study program.

Please note that there are specialized study advisors for each application subject as well as for questions concerning stays abroad. are available. Please address your questions on these topics directly to the advisor in charge. You can find all contact details here.



You can contact the Student Advisory Service by e-mail at master@informatik.rwth-aachen.de. For questions that cannot be answered by mail, individual counseling appointments can be arranged this way.


RWTHmoodle is the central, web-based teaching and learning platform of the RWTH. Instructors can upload course material in course-specific learning spaces. The learning spaces are access-protected. Apart from the persons holding or supervising the associated course, only students admitted to a course have access to a learning space.

RWTHonline is the campus management system of the RWTH. For students, RWTHonline is the system that accompanies them throughout their studies. Whether it's applying for a place at university, registering for courses and exams, or downloading study certificates, RWTHonline offers a wide range of applications for all aspects of study organization.

The registration for seminars and labs takes place via SuPra. More information can be found here.

On the page of the Video-AG of the RWTH you can find videos of different lectures from the current or past years. Sometimes it is necessary to be in the RWTH WLAN for access, or to authorize a login with the Single Sign On.

Eduroam is the RWTH-wide WLAN. The 'WLAN' service provides a university-wide WLAN infrastructure that makes wireless data communication available to WLAN-enabled end devices. The connection to 'eduroam' (education roaming) also provides access to the data network at other eduroam facilities and vice versa (www.eduroam.org). In the device manager, devices can be added to the personal eduroam account and managed. Again, a login with the Single Sign On is required.


Specifically for computer science, there is the Porsche IT Campus RWTH Aachen scholarship.

Other possible scholarships include:
• Deutschlandstipendium
Studienstiftung: For this you are usually suggested by a professor. However, you can also apply by yourself when you are at the beginning of your studies.
• Femtec Career-Building: The one-year program offers special training to develop communication, leadership and management skills, as well as ongoing individual career counseling and support for internships and career entry. Femtec specifically prepares female MINT (STEM) students for professional practice and future leadership roles.

Scholarships for international students:
NRWege ins Studium – Scholarships for refugees
• Scholarship for particularly committed international students
• Graduation scholarship for students