Info event on staying abroad

Am 24.10.2022 hat eine Info-Veranstaltung zu Auslandsaufenthalten für Studierende der Fachgruppe Informatik stattgefunden. Folien und Aufzeichnung sind hier verfügbar.

Studying Computer Science at RWTH Aachen University - Online info date for prospective and interested students

Monday, 27.06.2022, 15.00 How does the study program at RWTH Aachen work? Until when can I apply? What happens afterwards? These and many other questions, such as about the content, the process, or about Aachen in general, will be answered by the student advisory service, students, and lecturers from Aachen Computer Science. Everyone is invited who has his or her Abitur (high school diploma) in the bag, who would like to apply or who is interested in the Bachelor's program in Computer Science. Registration is not necessary: The link will be published here the day before.

Learning rooms in the computer center

Learning rooms are now available at the Computer Science Center. The opening hours may change weekly. On this page the opening hours of the following week will be published in advance.

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