The new examination regulations for the Bachelor of Computer Science (PO Bachelor of Computer Science (10/2022)) are future-oriented and give RWTH Aachen University a special unique selling point, especially by adding and anchoring the fields of Machine Learning, Data Science and IT Security.

It also ensures better studyability and greater flexibility in the interdisciplinary application area for computer science students.

This changes with the new examination regulations

Two new Compulsory Courses

With the new Bachelor Examination Regulations, two new compulsory courses will be introduced, whichwill be offered in English and will be in the 5th semester.

Lecture + Exercise

4 CP

Start for both event is the winter semester 2023/2024.

New Electives

The redesign of the elective curriculum provides students with more flexibility and choice in subject options.

A comparison of the old and new POs makes this clearer:


  • Wahlpflichtbereich: 24 CP
    • 4 Veranstaltungen
    • eine Theorieveranstaltung
  • Anwendungsfach: 22 CP
    • Choice of a fixed application subject


Wahlpflichtbereich: 36 CP

  • Wahlpflichtbereich Informatik: 18-24 CP
    • 3-4 Veranstaltungen
    • eine Theorieveranstaltungen
  • Anwendungsbereich: 12-18 CP
    • Module aus anderen Fachbereichen
    • Modules can be compiled from different subject areas



4 events (at least 1 from theory area)

24 CP

Application Subject

Choice of a fixed application subject

22 CP



total 36 CP

Elective Computer Science

4 events (at least 1 from theory area)

18-24 CP

Application area

Modules can be compiled from different subject areas

12-18 CP

Credit changes

In the course of the introduction of the two new compulsory modules and the redesign of the elective area, changes were also made to the crediting:


VeranstaltungAlte CreditsNeue Credits
Data Structures and Algorithms8 CP7 CP
Proseminar computer science6 CP7 CP
Proseminar Computer Science3 CP4 CP
Seminar Computer Science5 CP4 CP

Data Structures and Algorithms

8 CP

7 CP

Proseminar computer science

6 CP

7 CP

Proseminar Computer Science

3 CP

4 CP

Seminar Computer Science

5 CP

4 CP

New admission requirements

In addition to the proof of command of the German language according to ÜPO §3 (7), the English competence level B2 is an admission requirement according to ÜPO §3 (8). In addition, the following certificates are recognized according to ÜPO §3 (9):

  • A certificate showing English language skills at level B2 of the "Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)". This proof is provided, for example, by presenting a German Abitur certificate showing that English has been taken continuously until the end of qualification phase 1 (year 11 in the case of G8 A-levels, otherwise year 12) and has been completed with at least sufficient performance.
  • Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) "Internet-based" Test (IBT) with a score of at least 90 points
  •  IELTS test with a score of at least 5.5
  • Cambridge Test – Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)
  • Cambridge Test - Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)
  • Placement test of the Language Center of the RWTH with level B2 (MK 7)

New requirements

  • Mentoring is a prerequisite for all required courses beginning in the 4th semester of study
  • The thesis can be registered if 120 CP can be proven. This must include all compulsory courses from the 1st-3rd semester.

Thesis submission

Previously, final papers had to be submitted in 3 hard copies. In the new examination regulations, the number of required printed copies is reduced. Submission is now in digital form as well as the submission of one printed copy of the work.

New study plan

The two new compulsory courses in the 5th semester as well as the changes in the elective courses have been included in the study plan.

In addition, Data Communication and Security will be renamed Data Communication and moved from the 4th semester (summer semester) to the 3rd semester (winter semester). Therefore, the course will be offered in the winter semester starting in the winter semester 2022/2023.

Recommendations for Change

We recommend a change to the new examination regulations to all students in the 3rd semester or to all those who have previously only taken modules that are scheduled in the first three semesters.

Students who are already close to graduation or have already completed their minor completely (according to the old examination regulations) are advised not to change the examination regulations again.

Einen Wechsel in die neue Prüfungsordnung empfehlen wir allen Studierenden im 3. Fachsemester bzw. all denen, die bisher nur Module belegt haben, die in den ersten drei Fachsemestern vorgesehen sind. Studierenden, die bereits kurz vor dem Abschluss stehen oder bereits ihr Nebenfach vollständig (gemäß der alten Prüfungsordnung) absolviert haben, raten wir dazu die Prüfungsordnung nicht mehr zu wechseln.