Possible Uses of Digital Gamebooks in Teaching

The idea of gamebooks originally comes from the entertainment sector. The basic idea here is to let the readers themselves determine the further course of the story. With a transfer of this principle from classic books to digital environments, this also creates application possibilities in a teaching/learning context. The preparation of teaching/learning materials as a gamebook offers great potential in this regard, among other things in questions of feedback and individual, personalized learning paths. This proseminar provides an introduction to the topic of digital gamebooks. It follows a conference-like sequence in which various topics are developed throughout the semester and presented in a block at the end. The focus is on learning the scientific work process and is accompanied by weekly work assignments. The seminar will focus in particular on possible applications, potentials and challenges for different target groups, topics and teaching/learning scenarios.


Dr. Svenja Noichl

Class Information

Credits3 ECTS


Kickoff Meeting04.04.2022, 16:00 (5056)
Meetingsby arrangement (see dates)



  • Computer Science (B.Sc.)


The grade is composed of:

  • written elaboration (paper): 50%
  • Presentation: 50%


To pass, participation in kick-off, the individual meetings as well as the presentations* is mandatory.

*) The presentations will take place over two days. Attendance on the day of your own presentation is mandatory, attendance on the other presentation day is voluntary.

Milestones and deliverables

RechercheBegriffstabelle, ThemenbeschreibungDi., 19.04.2022, 08:00 Uhr
RechercheLiteraturrechercheMo., 25.04.2022, 08:00 Uhr
FragestellungBearbeitete SOTA-Werke, Research Community Map, Erweiterte Liste der LiteraturMo., 02.05.2022, 08:00 Uhr
Fragestellung, WertschöpfungExport der Literaturliste, Gelesene und bearbeitete Publikationen, Beschreibung der Paper-IdeeMo., 09.05.2022, 08:00 Uhr
WertschöpfungLiteraturbeitragstabelle, Visualisierung der Kernaussage/des MehrwertsMo., 16.05.2022, 08:00 Uhr
WertschöpfungIllustration des Kerninhalts/Mehrwerts des PapersMo., 23.05.2022, 08:00 Uhr
PaperAusgearbeitete StrukturDi., 07.06.2022, 08:00 Uhr
PaperPaperMo., 20.06.2022, 08:00 Uhr
PaperPaper, Peer-ReviewMo., 27.06.2022, 08:00 Uhr
VortragFertige VortragsfolienMo., 11.07.2022, 08:00 Uhr
VortragÜberarbeitete Vortragsfolien für den VortragMo., 18.07.2022, 08:00 Uhr
AbschlussFinales Paper, verwendete MaterialienMo., 08.08.2022, 08:00 Uhr


Kickoff Meeting:

  • Monday, 04.04.2022 (16:00)

Topic – Individual appointments (15 minutes):

  • Wednesday, 20.04.2022

Focus, idea – Individual appointments (20 minutes):

  • Monday, 09.05.2022; Tuesday, 10.05.2022; Wednesday, 11.05.2022

Illustration – Individual appointments (30 minutes):

  • Monday, 23.05.2022; Tuesday, 24.05.2022; Wednesday, 25.05.2022

Structure presentation – Individual appointments (30 minutes):

  • Monday, 11.07.2022; Tuesday, 12.07.2022; Wednesday, 13.07.2022


  • Monday, 18.07.2022 (10:30 – 16:00) & Tuesday, 19.07.2022 (10:30 16:00)


There are a total of 10 different themes, which can be divided into two subject areas. All topics are assigned twice. The processing takes place in individual work.

Subject area 1: Possible applications

How might digital gamebooks be used in each of these areas? What perspectives need to be considered? For which topics or in which areas of application would digital gamebooks be suitable in the respective environment? Which already established forms of teaching might already resemble the gamebook principle or could be well complemented or perhaps even replaced by it? This is just a selection of the questions that arise from these topics.

  • Possible uses of digital gamebooks in schools
  • Possible uses of digital gamebooks in universities
  • Possible uses of digital gamebooks in vocational training and continuing education
  • Possible uses of digital gamebooks for learning in everyday life
  • Possible uses of digital gamebooks for learning in old age

Topic 2: Potentials and challenges

Different target groups are served in the different areas. This results in different potentials and challenges. What is the target group that the gamebook is intended to address? What must be considered when creating gamebooks for this target group? What skills and knowledge do the users of the gamebooks have or need? This is just a sampling of the questions that arise with these issues.

  • Potentials and challenges of digital gamebooks in schools
  • Potentials and challenges of digital gamebooks in universities
  • Potentials and challenges of digital gamebooks in schools
  • Potentials and challenges of digital gamebooks for learning in everyday life
  • Potential and challenges of digital gamebooks for learning in old age