I think there is a world market for maybe five computers

Thomas John Watson (1943)

That's what the CEO of IBM is supposed to have said. Today we know better! Life without fast data processing, without the Internet, apps, e-mail, media streaming and intelligent systems is hardly conceivable.

Computer science as a science of analysis, design and realization of information processing systems has become indispensable. Using basic terms such as architecture, algorithm, information, complexity and efficiency, it describes and investigates the static structure and dynamic behavior of such systems. It deals with both, qualitative and quantitative classification of problems and algorithms, and furthermore with the solution of concrete application problems.

In between the areas of mathematics and engineering, computer science has evolved into a discipline with its own scientific methodology. 

Computer science at RWTH stands for a great variety of research areas. However, it also guarantees a high degree of interdisciplinary cooperation with the natural and engineering sciences as well as linguistics and communication sciences.

In order to learn the necessary communication with users, courses from the field of application such as business administration, mathematics, electrical engineering, biology, mechanical engineering, medicine, philosophy, physics, chemistry and psychology can be attended beginning with the third semester.